About us


We are Venus and Adonis, a sexually open minded couple af 20 & 23 years, loving each other for 2 years now. Since the beginning of our relationship we`ve made so many new experiences together, so that now we decided to share some of these with other people on this blog. Both of us consider sex as one of the most importatant issues of a relationship and we find it interesting how sex can be so different, assume so many shapes, being presented in so many ways, varies everytime and inspires you again and again.

Since we are together we discovered many new ways of sex and we are always open for new inputs. 

We won`t tell where we come from but just as a little justification in case anything is written the wrong way: english is not our native language. But we give our best ;)


The name of our blog refers to the classical myth of Venus and Adonis, a tragic but very romantic story. 

Since we are both interested in arts and history we try to arrange and create our pictures in an artistic way and we don`t want to make explicit porn photography. But rather pictures that excite through using your imagination and trough allusions. Inspired by the photographer David Hamilton we use blur filters to reach a soft and sometimes even painted look. 

In addition we are both very into sexual literature. We love reading sensual stories to each other. So on this blog you`ll eventually find a quote from a song, a poem or a story that we find arousing.

The content of this blog is, unless otherwise marked, made by us.

Feel free to ask/tell us anything. We are curious to find out what you think.